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Cheers mate, it was just something i did for fun really. I don't think i'd get too far with handing it in as a uni project as my tutors are abit too arty farty and dont have a clue about football.

Yeh i kind of got inspiration from that advert last year with that stupid woowoo song from Kill Bill. The one where the ball goes out the window and everyones chasing it playing football in the streets. I think it was a carling ad.

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Yeh i know the boundaries, but im not gonna get much traffic anyway for them so the only thing i have to worry about is uploading every 7 days and updated the site accordingly.

I dont know any other free ways of having my films up for download.

Cheers for the concern anyway, hope you enjoy it

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Good film, i'm starting a two year media production course in september, so i'll be getting involved in things like this.

Hey maybe a video collabo is on the cards !!

I did have a problem with the spurs shirt though :lolsign:

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Cheers guys, yeh a video collab could be on the cards, you ever need any advice feel free to contact me.

Im gonna have a new one up over the weekend that alot of you are gonna find dead funny if a little crazy

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