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dancing in september


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hey everyone.

i just saw the movie "dancing in september" from 2000 in tv last night. It's a very hard criticism of the tv sitcom business, especially black sitcoms well and all the fights and dirt that's behind the camera, like fights about power and popularity. well, james avery (uncle phil from tfpoba) has a role in this movie and the movie takes also reference to will in tfpoba. so i wonder whether james avery was not happy with the development tfpoba tool over the years... after watching the movie i realized that in the beginning of tfpoba there was really more deepness, like uncle phil and will talking about malcolm x etc whereas in the later episodes it's more or less all about the fun...i was also remembered of the leaving of the first aunt vivian... so i think james avery shares the criticism with the whole sitcom business... has anyone else ever seen this movie? if not, i really can recommend it.

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haha, good question... here and there. :)

well, i moved to berlin 4 months ago, where i make my civil service (instead of army). in my flat there i unfortunately don't have internet :( i'm at home for holiday right now, where i have internet. before my movement to berlin, i dunno, i just needed a jjfp timeout or sumthin :)

but now i'm of course interested in all the new stuff will and jeff's comin up this year. Especially because Will gonna visit berlin in a few days!! i hope i can make it to go that hitch premier. nevertheless, i'm not so jjfp-focusd than maybe 2 years ago... i of course still love them, but i'm not the mega fan anymore that i used to be. like i said i'm still mad interested in their upcoming stuff, so a lil' summery would be apreciated :)

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