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Here's an amateur with no ambitions, having some fun with some rhymes:

Battle Envy

You like to spit, I can barely dribble

Your rhymes are phat, my rhymes are little

You rock the tables, I wish I could fiddle

But it's too late, it's a battle, I'm in the middle

So back up and watch me rhyme,

I'm so damn good I type in triple time

Ya I cursed, I'll even flip the bird

I use my entire vocabulary, you omit 7 words

I'm so dirty, I can make Murphy blush

You're rap's so tame, you cause crowds to hush

So step on up, with your bible in hand

Let me laugh at you, your hypocrisy can't stand

You acting as a saint is just straight funny

Thats like Cheney saying he's not taking all that money

When you're saying your the big pimp of rap

it's like Bush saying there's wmd's in Iraq

You got no game, why can't you see?

You're rhymes are weak, your brains so empty

So back on off, cuz of my wit galore

You're a ignant punk, you buy your rhymes at the store

Love Bungler

Three to four times a week you speak

Kicken jive trash about all the hotties you meet

Pimp daddy this and mac daddy that

You claim your lady skills are totally phat

"They hit on me

as you can see

cause I dance lovely

and talk wittingly.

I'm the mac and more

the kids adore

WPI folk lore

what next is in store?"

But the mad game you claim is put to shame

When you can't even mac a 23 year old dame

The party's over, it's now or never

She hasta give you her number, cuz you're not clever

"Um gee,

let me see,

you're a sweetie

and very petite

Would you spose

I could impose

buy you a rose

and see how it goes?"

Displaying grace and lace, while at her place

The hottie takes control and set's the pace

Enjoying your conections and convictions,

She takes the plung and set's the condition,

"You're a cutie

Not too snooty

Can shake your booty

And call me a beauty.

Give me call

we'll have a ball

hit the mall

and then a dance hall"

But you have no clue what to do, now it's on you

How are you not a virgin, you're a lady's fool!

So all alone you moan, the sadness has shone

Cuz the one thing you lack in your mac, is balls full grown

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Good job! :clap:

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