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all the shortcuts we know...


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I hate abbriviations (however u spell it)...i've only ever really used FPofBA, BWS, and B2R.

u wanna tell me u never wrote JJFP and if u want 2 write on the new disc u will write all the time "lost and found"? of L&F?...

this very handy I think...

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Of course i use the "JJ+FP" abbreviation...but that's a given. I'll probably called Lost + Found "L+F"...but when u are using stuff like "PJDU"...it makes me think 2 hard, which is never good.

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but at least lets do a list of some shortcuts... co's when u used FPOBA I didn't know what is that...

so lets make it clear...

ppl don't have the courge 2 ask what all of thease...

so we won't make new but at least have some orgenized no?

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for all these guys that don't seem to have picked up on the new album yet. if you don't check each seperate form everyday then click on ' View New Posts' at the top and it'll show ya all the new posts since you were last on the board, no way you should miss anything then :thumb:

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