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I havent even told my friends about this yet (Not that y'all aint my friends).

I started up a website after realising sharing my films online would be a good way of people seeing them. So far there isn't a film up for download yet, i am waiting til there is to tell all my friends about it. However it is up and running and finished apart from the obvious key thing. Please check it out and tell me what you think, maybe even sing the guestbook.


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I've actually just been working on it now, and as far as a geocities free site goes i think its come along well.

Some of y'all mite have not seen it quite done so please check it out, there's more pics now and news on the first downloadable film which will be available on 29th January. I'll give you a reminder then as it will be great for you guys to see my work

No problem Brakes, not that'll it'll probably help any traffic your way but it can't do any harm.

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UPDATED TODAY, But Alas still no downloadable film until Tuesday.

Still worth checking for pics and stuff. However i seem to look cross eyed on the front page :kekeke:

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