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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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:kekeke: Cheers guys, it shud be an ace night. Neva will i have performed to so many people. Shud be about 400 through the doors that night.

I'll be stciking to mostly old skool stuff and Electro tunes but everyone needs alittle Xmas cheese once a year

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Well the nights come around, this time 2mora I'll be doing my DJ Night.

Bit nervous but a lot of my friends will be there so shud be good. Get to see all my buddies home from Uni too.

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Cheers guys, gotta play loadsa JJFP, as you all know i have all their stuff and was thinking bout playing 3 or 4 songs by them throughout the night.

Im going for Brand New Funk, Maybe summertime DJ JazzyJeff mix cos its got more of a danceable beat. (Even tho its Chrimbo), and Parents Just don't understand.

Any more you think i shud definately play.

I think I'll stick on Understand by Da Brakes to for good measure.

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