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Scarface Announces His Retirement From Rap

"I'm done with the rap," declared the 50-year-old artist.


Scarface Wearing Sweatshirt
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After years of considering retirement from the rap game, Scarface has officially called it quits, making the announcement that he no longer plans to release any more rap albums moving forward.

The announcement was made during a recent episode of the Geto Boys Reloaded podcast with Geto Boys member and cohost Willie D with Face revealing that we may be able to look forward to more music from him in the future, albeit in another genre.

“I’m done with the rap,” he said while discussing his future career plans. “If I could, man, I would love to fu*king go into a different lane of music. Like another genre. Maybe, like, blues or maybe, like, rock. Or maybe, like, alternative. I want to do something different now. You know how you burn the lane? I burned the lane?”

However, the Houston rep confirmed that he’ll be putting together a farewell concert to show his gratitude to his legion of fans while giving them another opportunity to see him perform his classic hits, possibly for the last time.

“The cool part about it is, I get to say farewell twice,” he said, alluding to a future Geto Boys send-off alongside Willie D. “‘Cause I can go out there and say farewell by myself, and then I gotta go out with you and say farewell, too.”

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I have a lot of his albums, and I love them, but never dive that deep into them. This is sad news, though.  Between Geto Boys being different without Bushwick Bill and the current state of mainstream rap music, I suppose this shouldn't much of a surprise.  It's hard to imagine him continuing music in another genre. 

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scarface is an all time great but he needs to focus on his life and health, i'm sure in due time he'll be back though once things improve...

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