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BREAKING: Former Bad Boy Rapper Black Rob Dead

By : Mike Winslow / April 17, 2021
Black Rob died after suffering from a variety of health issues.
Just weeks after the passing of rapper DMX’s death, another rap legend has transitioned.

Former Bad Boy rapper Black Rob has died from kidney failure, after suffering a variety of ailments. Most recently, the rapper had revealed he had suffered from four strokes brought on by high blood pressure.

“Lord knows i tried to get help …… I’m sad to say RIP to Black Rob ….. Passed away in the hospital in Atlanta,” confirmed DJ Self, who broke the news about the rapper’s health woes last week, when he posted a video of Black Rob sending his condolences to the late DMX, who died on April 9th.

The rapper, best known for his hit song “Whoa,” had recently been discharged from the hospital and was reportedly planning to relocate to Atlanta, because he was homeless.

Last weekend, Black Rob, born Robert Ross, took to Instagram to reassure his fans that he was doing ok, but tragically, his illness took his life fast than anyone imagined.

Bad Boy alumni/rapper Mark Curry had been providing updates on Rob’s situation on his own Instagram page and revealed he was supposed to undergo dialysis after fans launched a GoFundMe to raise money to help the rapper with his medical bills and living arrangements.

The GoFundMe had raised over $27,000 out of a $50,000 goal at the time of Black Rob’s passing.

Black Rob was 51-years-old when he died. He leaves behind a solid legacy and a respectable catalog. 

The Harlem rapper was featured on a variety of records with artists on Bad Boy, including G. Dep’s “Special Delivery,” as well as the remixes to Total’s single “What About Us,” Faith’s “Love Like Us,” Mase’s “24 Hrs. To Live” and others. 

Black Rob released four albums over the course of his career. Life Story was released in 2000, followed by The Black Rob Report in 2005. 

His career was interrupted by a six-year stint in prison after he was caught in a hotel room with $6,000 worth of stolen jewelry.  

Black Rob was released from prison in 2010. He delivered his album Game Tested, Streets Approved in 2011, followed by his final full-length, 2015’s Genuine Article.

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yeah this one hurt i always found him underrated life story is a classic album

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I didn't really give his music a fair shot. "Whoa" was undeniably dope, but I didn't mess with Bad Boy rappers for the most part, other than Craig Mack. Black Rob seemed like the best emcee they had after Craig left (my opinion...I was never really into Biggie).  I'm going to give his stuff a listen.  I recently checked, and I have his Life Story album. I bought it at some point and don't know if I ever listened to it. It's strange, because when DMX passed, it prompted me to get Mic Geronimo's "Nothin' Move By The Money" CD single, which has a remix that features both DMX and Black Rob.


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I just gave Life Story a serious listen. I honestly only listened to it once years ago and put it on the shelf. I'm not comparing it to classics, but when it comes to mainstream rap albums, it is a good listen. 


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