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 ‘Fast & Loose’ - Will Smith To Star In David Leitch’s Upcoming Memory-Loss Thriller


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Will Smith Takes on Fast & Loose Crime Boss Thriller from Deadpool 2 Director

Will Smith will play a crime boss in a new action thriller from Deadpool 2 and Hobbs And Shaw director David Leitch.

Will Smith has been attached to a new project that will see him playing a crime lord. The film, titled Fast & Loose, is a drama that has Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw director David Leitch attached to helm the project. According to Deadline, a fierce bidding war is currently taking place between all the major Hollywood studios to snap up the rights to the planned movie. The logline for the project can be read below.

"After the leader of an upper-echelon criminal organization suffers memory loss from an attack, he reunites with his crew, only to find that things aren't what he thinks they are. When John Riley (Will Smith) wakes up in Tijuana after being left for dead with absolutely no memory, he follows a string of clues to uncover his identity discovering he's been living two different lives: one, as a super-successful crime kingpin, surrounded by beautiful women, expensive toys, and a lavish lifestyle and the other as an undercover CIA agent, but with a puny salary, no family or home life whatsoever, and zero trappings of success. The problem is, he can't remember which of these two personas is his true identity, and, more importantly, which life he really wants to live."

While the premise of the movie can make for a grounded, serious drama, along the lines of The Bourne Identity or Memento, David Leitch is known for injecting loads of style and flourish into his movies, which include Atomic Blonde and John Wick. Leitch is also noted for being able to use the natural charisma of his leading actors to create memorable characters. So a team-up between him and Will Smith feels like a match made in heaven.

While Smith made his name in the 90s playing heroic roles, lately he has been leaning more into gray or anti-hero portrayals, such as the drunk and depressed superhero Hancock, the supervillain Deadshot, or an assassin in Gemini Man. Still, even the evilest roles manage to somehow become sympathetic characters in Smith's hands, and that is probably going to happen in Fast and Loose as well.

One thing that the movie will doubtless feature is amazing action scenes. Leitch has proven he knows how to create an action sequence that feels real, even when it is taking place between an immortal assassin like Deadpool and a cybernetic warrior from the future like Cable. Leitch's fondness for injecting humor into his stories should also find a great use for Smith's excellent comic timing.

Before the actor jumps into Fast and Loose, however, Smith will be seen in his next star vehicle where he teams with filmmaker Antoine Fuqua in the runaway slave drama Emancipation that is being produced by Apple. The movie will scratch a particular itch for Smith since he turned down the leading role in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained because the actor could not see eye-to-eye with Tarantino over the "vengeance" theme of the film. This comes from Deadline.

source: https://movieweb.com/fast-and-loose-will-smith-director-david-leitch/?fbclid=IwAR3K95rr9CxXklmPejDrY5N8EqpP9opDg_pzhkUCfA1G7o97m80-ty9NK4A

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