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I'm writing a story...all I've wrote is one paragraph so far. The beginning hasn't got anything to do with the title...

Chapter 1
“Are you guys ready for tomorrow?” Michael asked excitedly. John smiled and nodded his head.
“ I can’t wait for tomorrow, we are going to the science museum.” Chris said as he drew a big smile on his face. The bell rang loudly. Some students kept chatting and they just ignored the bell, and others students ran up to line up to go to their class so they won’t be late for class.
“ I’ll see you guys at lunch.” Michael shouted as he started to run to join the line.
“ Tuck your shirt in Michael, or I will give you a fifteen-minute detention after school.” Michael’s math teacher said harshly. Michael sighed and tucked his shirt in. When his teacher was walking towards the head-teacher, Michael pulled a funny face and rolled his eyes.
“ What lesson have you got next?” A boy asked as he stared into Michael’s eyes.
“ I’ve got maths.” Michael replied.
“ Michael, stop talking or you won’t go to the science museum tomorrow.” Michael’s math teacher muttered.
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Hmm.....it's going to go be a adventurous story...
Let me set the scenes...
Michael isnt supposed to go the museum but he sneaks and follows the class/form...
there is a dinosaur game and you have to put a special helmet on and then Michael is zapped in the game & everything looks so real to him then somebody has a go and then he gets out. That's it really.
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Hey I want to change the topic title please because I decided to change the story title too. It's now called The Science Museum. It's the same story but the story fits with the title more. Can somebody help me please?
I also changed the story a tiny bit well the first paragraph so I will post that after I have written a copy on paper so I don't lose it :thumb:
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Here is my 2nd paragraph

Michael shut his mouth and he glared at his math teacher.
“Come in class.” Michael’s math teacher said as held the door open for all the students to pass through. As soon as the students reached all their classes, Michael sneaked out of the classroom when the teacher wasn’t looking and he went to the toilet.
“Where’s Michael gone?” The math teacher said furiously. Everybody shrugged and they all looked at each other. Michael was about to walk through the door but he noticed that his math teacher was looking for him and asking other students if they have seen him. Michael stood silently out of the classroom and he was about to go in but the head-teacher caught him.
“What are you doing out of your lesson?” The head-teacher shouted loudly as her face started to get red. Michael gulped.
“I went to go to the toilet.” Michael replied nervously.
“During the lesson?” The head-teacher asked quietly. Michael nodded his head.
The head-teacher grabbed his arm and she knocked on Michael’s math teacher’s door.
“Come in.” Michael’s math teacher said without looking at the person standing outside the class. The head-teacher turned the door-knob and she entered the classroom with Michael’s arm in one hand.
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