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Update: No New DMX Album Yet But He's Recording


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The album is gonna be good. While there are a couple of songs that a little bit like filler tracks (due to the production), I might like this better than a couple of his later albums. I'm definitely buying this. It's hard for me to imagine DMX caring about this music coming out. I'm wondering if he's acting like he's against it for the sake of controversy and sales. He has to be making some money off off it or he'd be legally fighting its release.

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Ahh, so this might be happening (which sucks, because I want the album)...

DMX Is Going After Company Responsible For ‘Redemption Of The Beast’ Album

Jan 16th, '15 • by Peter Walsh


The Redemption Of The Beast fiasco has caused nothing but headaches for DMX and his team. X is now looking to get legal revenge on the people responsible for the album. According to HipHopDX, X’s manager/brother Montana sent a cease and desist letter to Seven Arts Entertainment and claim that the release is a breach of the contract X signed with the entertainment company.

“[seven Arts Entertainment] had no right to put out a new album,” Montana told HHDX. “The only contract DMX had was for Undisputed and that came out two years ago. He don’t have a contract with them to [release] another album.”

Montana also claims that the songs on Redemption Of The Beast are throwaways and songs from Undisputed. Multiple people close to DMX, including Swizz Beatz who has been in the studio with X since fall of 2014, have said that the album is fake and the rapper has nothing to do with the project. For all of the news on Redemption Of The Beast and what we know so far, click here.


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i streamed the album on youtube and spotify and when i get a lil' extra cash i'm gonna buy the cd so i hope x reconsiders and keeps the album released 'cause it's dope

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I forgot it came out this week. I actually saw it in stores just an hour ago. I didn't get it because it was packaged with his previous album. I was going to see if I can find a single version of the album.

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