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drake challenges murda mook to a battle


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it seems like battles are returning to hip hop, should get interesting:


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For me, the words "who cares" come to mind.

For me to care about a battle, I have to care about the emcees and think at least one of them is lyrically decent. I don't care for Drake and I don't even know who Murda Mook is. He's not like Lil' Wayne, but his appearance on the LL song didn't spark my interest in hearing more from him.

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This would be a big thing for those who follow battle rap. Murda Mook almost has legendary status when it comes to battling. This is becoming the era for mainstream artists taking on battle rap emcees. If you like battle rap you should really get down with King of the Dot, Don't Flop and URL.

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battling is the essence of hip hop, i'm encouraged by this 'cause this could make commercial artists put out better music

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