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Vinyl Destination - Season 2, Episode 1 :: It's A World Out There!


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Season 2 of Vinyl Destination starts today! DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew are back, taking you along as they spread music across the globe!

Charlotte, North Carolina is where we catch up with the guys as they rock two parties during the CIAA basketball tournament. But according to the guys, CIAA is more than just a tournament, it's the place where the 'playaz' play! Say what?!?!

Next stop is the land of the magical bean, also known as Chicago. Who leaves Chicago with special powers? Tune in to episode one of Vinyl Destination to find out!

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I liked the in-camera interviews at the beginning..but there was too much of it.. It's better to show something than to have someone tell you about it... I think it would be better if you had like the 1st season episodes with 2-3 minutes of these interviews dispersed throughout.. I liked the bit with George..but then that dragged on too long with the interviews.. Maybe they didn't have that much footage? Also I don't know if its possible..maybe the audio would be too bad recording in clubs but I'd love to see at least one of Jeff's blends & scratch routines per episode.. Overall this was pretty disappointing

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