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'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Carlton star Alfonso Ribeiro for 'I'm a Celeb'

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is the latest celebrity tipped to be taking part in this year'sI'm a Celebrity.

Ribeiro, who famously played Carlton in the '90s sitcom, will be heading to Australia for the ITV reality show later this week, reports The Sun.

The actor became a father for the second time last month.

His most recent TV work in the US was as the host of game show Spell-Mageddon.

Other celebrities expected to be in the jungle this year include TOWIE's Joey Essex, Westlife's Kian Egan, snooker legend Steve Davis and fashion designer David Emanuel.

I'm a Celebrity's 13th series starts on Sunday, November 17 on ITV.

Watch Alfonso Ribeiro performing the classic 'Carlton dance':
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I don't know if they have a similar show in America/Australia but its basically dumping celebs in the jungle for 3 weeks, kinda big brother style and making them do crazy tasks like put their hands in with spiders for food. Its hard work, the celebs go hungry, have to sleep in the jungle and usually argue a lot. Sometimes these newspapers get it wrong and i was surpised to see his name on the list with having a newborn, but the papers are usually right so there is a good chance he will be on this.

I'm super excited if he is on this, he seems like a good guy and everyone loves him, he has good chance of winning it i reckon.

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OMG i told you this show was hardcore. He listed being claustrophobic and scared of bugs being his fears, so they made him do both at the same time.

In the past if a person shows weakness and is really entertaining on a bush tuckers trial, they get voted to do it pretty much everyday. Us British are cruel like that, Alfonso could have a bumpy ride.

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Alfonso's adventure

19:57 - 18 Nov 2013


18th Nov 2013

Well this is a story all 'bout how Alfonso's life got flipped turned upside down...

Let's chart Alfonso's journey on his first day on a show he's barely watched before


Probably not expecting this..


Or to be hunting for campmates...


Still, a nice lie down helped Alfonso relax into jungle life


Yes, Alfonso, this really IS going to be your next three weeks in the jungle.


Cheer up Carlt-sorry, Alfonso. There's always the Australian weather.

17th Nov 2013

Alfonso has barely seen an episode of I'm A Celebrity... and after thirteen series we more than welcome a fresh pair of eyes.

What discoveries will he make?

What revelations await the man formerly known as Carlton Banks?

This is our journal of his jungle discoveries... enjoy!


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I don't know if they have a similar show in America/Australia...

We did have a show like this a few years ago, called "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" and it's the same show. I really hope this one ends up airing in the United States. It'd be worth the watch for Alfonso Ribeiro.

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Alfonso has been pretty quiet since the first few days, its not because hes a quiet person, its just he hasnt had the opportunity to shine as this reality tv star, Joey Essex has been doing most of the trials. However today, Alfonso got to help Joey do a live trial. It was pretty funny because all over twitter people are desperate for him to do the Carlton dance. Ant and Dec (legendary presenters) asked him to do it but he said he was saving it until he came out, but he did do a bit of jump on it.

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Ive found some bits for you guys.

Alfonso sky diving.

If you have a lot of spare time here are some full episodes.







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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Alfonso Ribeiro says Will Smith leads a hard, hard life!

That's what struck me when I was with Will..literally everywhere we went people were freaking out.. I'm not sure that life is all that great to be honest...

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