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lookin at that caption contest got me thinking..that album cover is perfect! the colors totally match the vibe of the album! and will and jeff clowning... i think it sums it up perfectly..bright sunny happy fun ahhh the early 90s!! u cant beat 91 for positive rap and good times :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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I wouldn't mind a cover like that 4 the new album. A mix between that and Code Red...somehow...with Jeff on it as well.

Actually...wouldn't it be cool if the new album cover had pix of every artist featured on the album with Will in the middle? The artists could be faded like on the ATOJ website...haha...just a thought.
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Yeah, i love the artwork behind them and how they laced the whole CD insert with other artwork by the same people. I wonder if that artwork waz up in some public place and if it's still up...i wanna take a pic in front of it...haha.
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