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TLC is making a big comeback this year, so I wanted to make a thread for all that coming. Julie and I are definitely HUGE fans but I know there's a handful of others out there. VH1's bio-pic is cast and in the works and TLC is heavily involved. They are recording new songs and re-recording some of their hits for the 20th anniversary package (they re-recorded "Diggin' On You" this week).

Anyways, here's an incredibly raw and real interview with T-Boz from of months ago.


Also, here's a song the recorded from some Japanese compilation album last summer...


You can buy the song here:


Plus, T-Boz's new song "Champion":


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Oh man im so excited for this, im following Chilli and T Boz on twitter and TLC tour and official TLC on facebook just to make sure i dont miss anything. Ive been waiting for this since i was 15, im getting on that front row.

Ive never heard that rainbow track before, thanx AJ!

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Here's a pic T-Boz posted from the TLC bio pic that they just started shooting (they just cast it like 2 weeks ago!). They are very adamant about making it's 90's-legit.


And I love T-Boz's new solo song! It just has a great sound and I find it really inspirational.


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TLC released their "20" album today in Japan. To my understanding, it features some of their hits re-recorded, as well as a few live cuts from the FanMail tour. There's also a version with footage of the FanMail tour, but it's only in Region 2. I didn't get that version because I'd be spending an extra $15 for a DVD that won't play in my DVD player. I hope they properly release the entire FanMail concert (originally shown on Pay Per View) with the new album. The DVD version only features live clips of the live songs at the end of the album.


Waterfalls (20th Anniversary Version)

No Scrubs
Diggin On You
Unpretty (Acoustic)

Baby-Baby-Baby (Live)
Creep (Live)
Unpretty (Live)
Waterfalls (Live)
No Scrubs (Live)

Here's the 20th Anniversary Version of "Waterfalls." I like it, but I wish they wouldn't have collaborated with Japanese artist...she kinda throws things off. Her English is just too broken. I would have used Left Eye's alternate "Waterfalls" vocals from the remixes they re-recorded in 1995. Or I would have kept it with just T-Boz and Chilli and added a new verse. It's still good tho.'


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On a related note, here's Namie Amuro's song "Hands On Me" featuring a cameo of TLC in the first half of it.


Lastly, TLC is featured on the single "Crooked Smile" from J. Cole's new album, which just dropped today. They don't do much on the song, but I'm happy to know they are active and mixing with the more talented artists of today.

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You know, I was expecting to hate their cover of it, but I actually like it. TLC's "approval" at the end of the video is probably a big part that. I love they way they handled the rap together and made it a sing-songy verse.

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Here's the new TLC song that will be on the TLC "20" album that drops next Tuesday, November 15th. It's produced and penned by Ne-Yo (you can hear him join them on the hook). While I'd love to hear something a little grittier or more wild, this polished, slick R&B track is PERFECT to accompany the movie.

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The album is out. TLC fans, GO GET IT!!

On another note, a few years ago, T-Boz leaked a solo song called "Miracles." Well, she re-recorded it as a duet recently and you can download it here: http://jams.to/lil-eddie-miracles-feat-t-boz-of-tlc-full/

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i watched the tlc movie "crazysexycool" movie last night on vh1, it's well done in covering their career

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In my opinion, the movie is EXCELLENT. I always find it awkward when people are portraying celebrities from just 10 and 20 years ago, which was still the case for some of the supporting roles (L.A. Reid, Clive Davis, Puffy, etc), but I thought the main cast was amazing. Drew as T-Boz was a stand out performance to me, but Lil' Mama stole the show. Keep in mind, Left Eye is my favorite female emcee of all time and I am not a fan of Lil' Mama's music, but I wasn't going to let that impact my opinion on her performance. To see how Lil' Mama transformed herself is nothing short of amazing. Her stance, facial expressions, voice, laugh, THIS GIRL HAD IT DOWN!

I think people on this board know I have dozens of albums, singles, etc of TLC. I have stacks of magazines. I have HOURS of performances and interviews on VHS, DVD, CD, and cassette. What they did to keep this movie so close to reality is like nothing I've ever seen. Certainly some things need to tweeked to condense 20 years into 2 hours and adjustments had to be made to make it a quality film, but they are wearing the same clothes that TLC wore in actual videos, interviews, etc. They are quoting some things verbatim from interviews I have. They actual read Left Eye's quote out of the actual magazine that she said it in. Truly amazing stuff.

Of the top of my head, the only things that seemed different from reality is how Crystal is portrayed in the movie. The portrayed her as untalented when she really was hesitant to sign with Pebbles, which lead to her being kicked out of 2nd Nature (soon to be TLC). In real life, when they first hear "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" on the radio (not "What About Your Friends" like in the movie), it was just T-Boz and Left Eye (who got out of the car and danced in a Taco Bell parking lot. Chilli wasn't there, like in the movie. There was also another moment in the movie that included all 3 girls that only had 2 of them in reality. I didn't like that they didn't mention their album 3D. They could have at least mentioned it in that follow up interview without actually focusing on that era. I thought it was interesting that they tackled the topic of Chilli's abortion and that they avoided Pebbles saying Chilli was cheated with L.A. I also thought it was interesting that instead of saying Suge Knight was signing Left Eye, that the movie said Master P was. The scene after the fire where T+C find L in the woods is false and unnecessary...I think they just wanted to set up that similar moment towards the end of the movie. Supernova wasn't being pushed out while they were promoting FanMail, so that conversation in the bathroom was also placed in an incorrect moment. Her solo albulm was still Fantasy1.com at that point. The only other thing I didn't like was the scene at the end that starts with "10 years later..." It makes it look like the aren't sisters and didn't stay in touch, didn't do a couple shows, didn't record a few songs together, didn't have their reality shows, etc.

Enough of the negatives though. Stressing them makes it sound like I didn't love the movie, which I do, and I hope they release it on DVD. Of course TLC fans should love it, but I think the movie itself can be appreciated way beyond Hip-Hop. It takes domestic abuse, health scares, the music industry, love, family, and music...things we can all relate to. It tells the story of three underdogs who rolled with the punches and came out on top. If you get a chance, please watch this movie. It stands as VH1's best premier for any original movie. It holds the best ratings for anything they've aired in the past 5+ years!! The music industry has been buzzing about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Best of all, TLC is back, and this movie gave them a huge boost. They are working on a new album that will be released next year. Also, they 20 album has jumped from a spot in the 40's to being in the top 10. It's the number 1 album in iTunes! The movie ends with the real TLC in the studio with Ne-Yo. Here's a link to see that part of the movie...


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Sounds a god watch. Not sure when MTV or VH-1 will show it over in the UK, but keeping my eyes peeled, and if the viewing numbers are good then i'm sure a DVD release won't be far away.

Bring on the Run DMC biopic.

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