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Is he not getting calls? Or doesnt want to?

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I think he's not producing a lot. He does some stuff; his own stuff and stuff for people he likes.. and sometimes he get's asked to do beats I think, for example I believe he has one on the Machine Gun Kelly Album. But he does a lot of touring.. I just don't think he is very active as a producer if you know what I mean. He just does it for himself, his friends and if specifically asked to by a Rapper.. But I don't think he's making millions of beats and sending out beat tapes to labels and stuff like that. He's a DJ first.

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I've kinda wondered this as well. Since Jazzy runs in his own circles, he probably seems more untouchable to some or less thought of. He's so laid back about music and creating it that I see him creating strictly for himself and his inner circle and only stepping out when someone goes out of their way to ask him. So many people have stepped away from using a DJ, and if they want one, there's plenty of young, eager guys out there who will do it for a #7 combo at McDonald's as payment. It would be very cool to see him step out of the box and offer to work with likes of LL Cool J, Rakim, KRS-One, Nas, Common Sense, etc...

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I've always wondered the same thing... Jeff does work with other rappers but my thoughts were regarding the likes of Jay Z, Nas etc... I always thought that was why he put out My Fav's to show these guys what they would sound like over a Jeff beat

And the Fav's mixtape was so dope! His beats for "It aint hard to tell" and "One love" for Nas were so sick on on point, same with the "Allow me to" for Jay Z, and the track for the Juice Crew....man that whole mix tape was off the hook, hope he makes more of them

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