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October UK/Europe Tour [Confirmed dates Inside]


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Where are you booked to stay. I'm gonna look into it shortly. Although may plan it around where the venue is a little.

Hey Kev I got my family to stay with.. for the weekend I'll prob stay with my cousin at his restaurant..its called simplicity in rotherhithe.. I'm gonna see if he can come along to see Jeff since he is a fan.. and crash back at his place..its nothing fancy..but if you need a place to stay Kev i'm sure you could crash with us and it might save you some money.. how did you get tix to the tottenham game? I wanna see a game of football over there..seems hard to get tixs tho

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I'll probably just stay in the hostel i did before There's a chance my friend Mario will come down with me too. He's been to about 4 Jeff shows with me now. But thanks for the offer. As for the Tottenham game. I used to be a club member so easily got tickets if i wanted them. Luckily this game went to general sale. I wanted to get two tickets thinking someone would snap one up off me but there are just odd seats left dotted around. Probably still are if you fancy coming but sitting apart. I can tell you what block i am in so we are pretty close (Block A, Area 4) Its in a corner. Tix available on the club site www.spurs.co.uk.

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Haven't spoken to Johny in for ever. Michelle is on facebook, i'll give her a shout. A show the following night has been confirmed in Switzerland. Hopefully this ones venue will be announced soon.

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Yeah im friends with Michelle on facebook, she has a young son now, she may have trouble getting to it but we can try.

Sorry i havnt organised this at work yet, i have to swap a saturday and ask for an early finish on friday. Its a new job so ive been putting off asking bcoz i dont want to be awkward. It will be done this week then i'll organise times and stuff.

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Hi everyone,
My name is Nicole and I am the brand manager for DJ Jazzy Jeff. First, I'd like to thank you all for your support. I can confirm Jeff has a few UK shows. He'll be in Leeds on the 4th, London on the 5th (venue TBC), Middlesborough on the 9th and Warwick on the 11th. Here are the other territories I can confirm:
Oct 3 Madrid
Oct 4 Leeds
Oct 5 London
Oct 6 Biel, Switzerland
Oct 7 Belgium
Oct 8 Day off - every DJ needs one
Oct 9 Middlesborough
Oct 10 Neuchatel, Switzerland
Oct 11 Warwick
Oct 12 Berlin, Germany
Oct 13 Lugano, Switzerland
Oct 14 Sweden
Oct 15 Day Off
Oct 16-21 Cape Town, South Africa

Hope you can make it out to one of his shows.

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