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poem i wrote while praying tonight


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i wanted to share this poem with y'all after i just came up with this poem while praying and reflecting how good god is, good night and enjoy:

so much ways to seek love
thoughts that continue to come up
since god blesses us
i realize how i have so much
the reasons i stay positive
come all on these blessings
giving me a new perspective
writing a chapter of a new lesson
a bigger proclamation is being written
the prayer comes before the words come out
taking away all of nerves and the doubt
since i feel more cleansed now
no matter how many decide to come around
i learn who goes in my circle
so i'll feel hurt no more
i just can't longer ignore
that i feel stronger than ever before
and i'm going to continue on this roll
since a love like this continues to grow
that's right heavenly father
as your son i'm humbly yours
thank you for carrying me to this moment
and the bright future you have in store

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i recorded this poem:


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