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Thanksgiving 2011 Reflections


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i decided to write this poem for thanksgiving 2011 with all the circumstances we're all going through, so from my family to the jjfp.com I wish y'all a a blessed thanksgiving, one love:

even as the drama continues to pile
i'm like kirk franklin when i continue to "smile"
the happiness travels many miles
since it feels good to be alive
for another thanksgiving with loved ones at my side
yes god i'm thankful for living during this time
have to share the way i feel instead of letting it hide
displaying this humble attitude
during these days of gratitude
rather than focusing on having much money in my pocket
i'm devoted on making sure the love will never be stopping
that's why i'm dedicated on being the top notch hip hop poet
i'm working on savoring these moments
that way when i'm older i won't live in regret
i say "there's no place like home" like jazzy jeff and the fresh prince
on their classic album "code red"
i'm grateful to make it through the predicaments
without feeling any bitterness
since there's others that haven't
either they're on the deep end
or they're dearly departed
so there's a reflection
to remember the lost family members and friends
as i bring this verse to an end
peace and one love to all the peeps who go out to represent
whether we talk everyday or rarely i appreciate y'all, hold it down for big ted
since every time i rhyme i'm putting it down for them

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I recorded this poem recently:


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