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HELP! All Fresh Prince Episode Downloaders!!


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Hey guys. 4 those of U that d-l the fpoba, can U help me out? Does anyone have the episode where Vivian says, "When R U gonna take responsiblities 4 your actions? When R U going 2 go up boy?" - i'm pretty sure it'z the episode where Will and Carlton make a bet that he can't survive in Jazz's hood.

I jsut need that part becuz I'm a use it as an intro 4 "Teenager" Edited by mfuqua23
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The episode where Carlton tries to stay in Compton is

Episode 23 "72 Hours"

I don't know much about downloading episodes because to be honest, my conncetion sucks so there would be little point. If it gets to the point where u can't get it at all I'll record it off TV onto my digital voice recorder and email it to ya. Let me Know.

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