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Exclusive! Will Smith's Greatest Fear: Mice
In his blockbuster movies, he seems to be fearless, but what's the one thing Will Smith said terrifies him? Mice.
"I'm brave for my kids and strong, but if there's a mouse, Jada gotta deal with it," he joked. "Rats are okay, or a possum – but a mouse, ahh! Even now I'm getting nervous thinking about it."
Ellen asked, "Have you ever held a mouse?" -- leading him to look over his shoulder, expecting a scare.
"I'm good with snakes," he explained. "Willow has a boa constrictor… but mice? Whew!"
Looks like we know how to scare Will next time he's here!
In other news – Will's son Jaden explained he is not trying to emancipate himself from the Smith home. "The thing that people don't get is everything at his house is free, so I can get anything and everything I want at his house," he joked. "So I think I'm gonna be there for 20 or 30 more years!"
So where'd the rumor come from?
"I think I made a joke in Tokyo [at a press conference]," said Will. "My baby boy, he's never leaving me, ever!"
Will & Jaden will visit Miami on Thursday May 16th where they’ll attend a special After Earth event at the Miami Science Museum and Planetarium.
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After Earth: Ask Will and Jaden Smith a question on Skype
Will and Jaden Smith will be answering your questions about their new movie After Earth on Skype.
Will and Jaden Smith fans listen up - here's your chance to ask the father-son Hollywood duo a question about their upcoming flick After Earth.
If you're available between 10am and 12pm on Wednesday 22 May and have access to video Skype, we want to hear from you!
All you have to do is tweet us your question to @msnents and if we like it, you will record it on Skype for us to play to Will and Jaden to answer.
We're looking for the funniest, most creative questions, so get thinking movie fans!
If you want to record a question on Skype for Will or Jaden Smith, tweet it to us @msnents.
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After what?
After our live video Q&A on Monday May 20 at 3:45 p.m. EST, you'll know a lot more about After Earth and its star Jaden Smith.
That's right. Jaden will be here to answer all of your burning questions about his summer blockbuster, working with his dad Will Smith (we remember getting in arguments just doing homework with our dads), the intense training he did for the film and anything else you're dying to know about After Earth.
Starting today, submit your questions via Twitter using #JadenCambioAE or in the Comments section below.
After Earth will be released nationwide in theaters on May 31.
We'll see you back here on Monday!
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During a recent trip to Miami, Will and Jaden chatted with South Beach’s hit radio station Y100 and dished about their brand new flick “After Earth.”
“I watched him with Jackie Chan in the ‘Karate Kid’ and I started getting jealous,” the “Wild Wild West” star explained. “I was like, I gotta work with my kid again. I was looking for something for us to work together and he liked the idea of ‘After Earth’ and we started developing it together as a family.”
Will continued, “It actually came together pretty quick. From idea to the screen is only been about 2 and a half years, which in Hollywood time that’s fast.”
Listen to the complete interview below!
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