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Top Ten Cartoons of the 90's.

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These are 10 cartoons I used to watch in the nineties. My all-time favorite cartoon is Captain Tsubasa. I just love it, it made me cry when I was a kid :laugh: (probably because I'm a big football fan). Second one has to be 'The Simpsons'. I've watched the whole series countless times and I never get tired of it. They're CLASSIC! And Homer is the man :clap:

The rest are in no particular order. So there you go!

Captain Tsubasa

The Simpsons


Doraemon ->

Ninja Hattori-kun -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adjp0w4AZyM

Dash! Kappei ->

Rugrats ->

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! ->

Inspector Gadget ->

Pokemon ->

Dragon Ball -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LkD6HH4g8s

There are many more, but I had to pick only 10, right? :P Edited by Ale
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Ooooooo! I like!

In no particular order!


Darkwing Duck
Captain Planet
Inspector Gadget

Not Cartoons
Sister Sister
Saved By The Bell
Smart Guy
Moesha Edited by Da Brakes
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wow great lists!! I have to add some too

-The silver hawks

-Dragon Ball Z

-Johnny bravo

-Rambo la fuerza de la libertad.


-Ninja Turtles

- Samurai X (ruoruni kenshin)

- X men

-Power Rangers


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Some of these cartoons only aired in the 80's. Anyways...

Batman: The Animated Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ren & Stimpy
Superman: The Animated Series
The Simpsons
Beavis & Butthead

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Awesome idea.

Here's mine:

Rugrats- The show kind of jumped the shark after the movie, but before that it was one of my favorite shows.

Doug- Same story as the Rugrats. Great show though.

Rocko's Modern Life- Hilarious. Like Rugrats, they snuck in a ton of jokes for adults.

Batman: The Animated Series- Still THE best Batman cartoon made to this day. I own all four seasons.

Recess- Another very creative kid's show that made Saturday mornings a lot of fun for me.

King of the Hill- I love KOTH. Subtle humor but hilarious when you catch it.

The Simpsons- The 90's was the shows heyday. It's not nearly as good today, but back then it was a very clever show.

Gargoyles- I would love to see a new Gargoyles show.

Pinky and the Brain- Hilarious. Like Animaniacs, P&B put in a lot of jokes for adults. I want this to hit Netflix.

Tiny Toons- Loved this show too. I wish it would get re-runs again.

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Batman the animated series was a total success. They havent done anything like that again.. Its like the xmen and spiderman versions from marvel on the 90's. Tiny toons and animaniacs were awesome, also pinky and the brain. Then they made the mistake of freakazoid and it all went down the drain..

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A couple that haven't been mentioned

Captain N - The Gamesmaster. I loved everything Nintendo when i was a kid. This summed it up.

Sharky and George

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