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Kool G Rap Considers 2Pac The Marvin Gaye Of Hip Hop


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Rap veteran Kool G Rap recently gave his opinion on the late Tupac Shakur and compared the renowned emcee to iconic message-driven singer Marvin Gaye.

Kool G credited Pac's love and passion for music as a driving force to his legacy.

"I agreed with what [Jay-Z] was saying about Pac [in a past Charlie Rose interview]. It's not that Pac was so crazy lyrically, but it was his passion. Tupac, to me, was like the hip-hop Marvin Gaye. That's the best example, because he was the artist of the time, and so was Pac." (Baller Status)

Last November, Jay-Z talked to media personality Charlie Rose about his admiration toward Pac.

"I guess I would choose B.I.G. [as one of my favorites] because of his ability to tell stories to be humorous, to be dead serious, he just had it all," Jay said. "Just [b.I.G.'s] voice alone. I would choose Pac because his fire will overcome, what he doesn't have in technical skills will be overcome by passion. If you listen to that 'Tunnel' [freestyle] verse where B.I.G. is saying 'MC Hammer and them 357 women' and then you hear how [Pac] comes on, he just screams on the track, his passion could put a lot of guys to sleep. I guess Kool G Rap and KRS-One would be on there. I need more emcees. Y'all got Eminem and Nas..." (Charlie Rose)

Earlier this week, the late Pac received a huge accolade from rap star 50 Cent.

"2 pac RT @Crazy4_KStew: @50cent if u could collaborate with any rapper that has died and make a song who would it be?," 50tweeted Monday (February 28). (50 Cent's Twitter)

A Pac biopic is reportedly going into production.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in late Spring/early Summer on the biopic "TUPAC," it was announced today (February 10) James G. Robinson, Co-Chairman/CEO, and Rick Nicita, Co-Chairman/COO, of Morgan Creek Productions. Directed by Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day," "Brooklyn's Finest"), the film will be shot on location in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia and Las Vegas and is currently being cast. (Deadline)

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I agree. He did not have the best flow and he did not have the most complex lyrics, but his passion was what made so many of his songs as great as they are. The Game also sometimes appeals to me because of that, he also is at his best when he brings in the passion.

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He had the passion, but I dont think he can be the greatest ever because he was not as good in many elements that make a rapper the best. I liked his delivery, but sometimes his flow didnt match it, and the lyrics in some songs, the weak collabos with his corny group, and the fact that most of his music was delivered post Morten really makes u think..

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Well, I dont know about that.. Id like to see other pictures of the guy, and to see him rap to see if he can get close.. The Biggie actor was Big and could rap too. It was a good choice even when he wasnt as ugly as the notorious.

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I could see him kinda looking like Pac if he shaved his head an pierced his nose. To be honest there are not many people that can sound like Pac when he raps. You don't see many impressions of him....Any one remember 'Tha Realest'? He was the only person I remember sounding like Pac

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The Outlawz are a corny group? I never heard anybody say that before.... I don't think that 2Pac is the most skilled mc but like Kool G Rap said he put a lot of emotion in his music like Marvin Gaye did, that's something a lot of so called mcs don't do anymore, except from a handful of them like Game, Rhymefest, and Lupe there isn't much classic music out these days...

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