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Arrested Development - 4 Free Downloads

JumpinJack AJ

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I was just on Arrested Development's website and they have put up an "Unreleased Jewels" album and a "Remix album. Fans may wanna check it out. However, for those just looking for some free Hip-Hop, there is one free download when you click on the Unreleased album and 3 on the Remix album. I just thought I'd share.

Here's the link to the "Audio Downloads" section of their store.


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For those who don't know who AD are, here's a video that shows just a taste of their sound and style. This song is actually one of the ones that u can get a free download 4...2 remixes of it actually.


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Guest JeremyM

Hey, if you are interested, check out my blog on Arrested Development and Speech: http://speechad.blogspot.com I've posted up a ton of somewhat hard to find tracks from them and Speech, although not really anything still in print.

Thanks for posting this, I didn't realize they were giving away some tracks free so I will link to that on my blog.

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What are those remixes that u posted on your blog from? It mentions a deluxe version of Since The Last Time but I've never seen it and those remixes are of songs off the new album Strong. Are they supposed to be downloadable? I wasn't able to download them. I didn't know there was another BIG AD fan on the board!!

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Yeah, there are actually a few different deluxe versions of Since the Last Time. Here's a link to all of the info I have on it: http://speechad.blogspot.com/search/label/Since%20the%20Last%20Time

But basically there appears to be three deluxe versions of Since the Last Time. One has 11 remixes (from Australia?), one has 3 live songs (the big 3 hits from their first album) and 3 remixes (from South Korea), and another has 3 live songs and 12 remixes (from Singapore from what I can tell). The version that has 12 remixes has all of the remixes from the other 2 versions. I didn't even know about these until I started the blog. Actually found the last two on ebay and am waiting on them, even though I have the remix files (not sure what live versions were used yet)- I'm a collector.....

As far as Strong remixes, the only ones I know of are on the project you linked to, plus there is one remix on the Japanese version of Strong. It can be pretty tough to figure out what's going on with all of their versions, let me tell you!

I'm not sure why you're not able to download them, I double checked a couple for myself to see if they were working. Let me know if you have no luck and I'll find another way to get them to you!

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