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Texas Education Board Ignores Hip Hop's Impact


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I heard about this the other day, this is some bs, the older generation needs to give hip hop it's due in history, our youth has made a mark in society:


The Texas State Board of Education apparently doesn't believe that hip-hop should be considered a social movement in America. They also decided to remove various areas of civil rights and global politics from their curriculum, to exchange them for conservative historic figures and beliefs.

After deciding that hip-hop should not be taught as a social movement, they also agreed to remove institutional racism and its presence in American society. To make matters more interesting, they chose to eliminate important references to Latino and Hispanic figures.

One Republican, Don McLeroy, tried to pass an amendment that would state that the struggle for Civil Rights led to

"unrealistic expectations for equal outcomes." This amendment didn't pass.

I am not sure if you agree, but there are millions who believe that hip hop is certainly a relevant cultural movement and art form. There are universities that teach classes on hip hop, including Harvard University, which is a long way from Texas geographically, socially and intellectually. Hip hop has inspired social and political change, and has been a significant voice for urban America.

Not only does the voice for hip hop ring throughout America, it is a global force. When I traveled to Europe, China and Africa, I saw the presence of hip hop around almost every turn. People of color, despite what they think about commercialized hip hop, should find it offensive that such a significant art form has been ignored by the state of Texas. Additionally, the absence of Latino figures from the Texas educational system is especially embarrassing, given that they represent more than 1/3 of the Texas population. The Texas Board of Education clearly has a diversity problem, and it appears to be a case of arrogance breeding ignorance.

The bickering within the Texas Board of Education reminds us of one important principle: History is taught by the victors and biased by the lens of the teacher. By pinpointing various aspects of history and selectively choosing the angle with which we present the information to our youth, we are giving ourselves a license to control their minds.

When it comes to education, a liberated mind is just as important as an educated one. In fact, there are some cases in which educational institutions stand in the way of being truly educated. When you educate yourself and your children, make sure they learn what they need to know. Take them outside school walls to get the knowledge they need. If you let someone else control your child's intellectual development, you are giving up an unnecessary concession on their future.

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Hip Hop lately is being charged with all the atrocities metal rock was charged with in the 90's.. From low skinny jeans to gangs and drive by's, hip hop is always in the mainstream of most of them bad things in projects and the guetto. Some rappers promoting alcoholism, drugs, unsafe sex, women abbuse and violence, I cant see them recognizing the hip hop impact on society anytime soon. No matter how much time does Lil Wayne expends in jail this year..

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Yeah "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" is truely a great book, I borrowed that book a few times from my public library... Now sure hip hop's been in a negative light but it's done a lot to give the youth of the ghetto a voice in society that didn't have one...

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