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Good Hip Hop released in 2009


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Some good hip-hop albums have been released lately..and as is the state of hip-hop you probably didn't even hear about them, so I'm here to let you know..

Souls of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge - Produced by Prince Paul

Highlights: "Tour Stories" "Proper Aim" "Hiero HQ" "Home Game"

Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) - Fish outta Water

Highlights: When Will I see You Again

Edo. G. & Masta Ace - Arts & Entertainment

Highlights: "Fans ftg Large Professor" "Good Music(ftg Pos)

Camp Lo - Another Heist (original uptown saturday night producer)

Highlights: "Get Em Lo"

Del the funky homosapian & Tame one - Parallel Uni-Verses

Highlights: "Flashback"

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Great idea for a thread Tim, I remember the other day coming across this list of all the top albums of the year on amazon.com, you really gotta dig for it but there's still good music out there:


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I recently bought this DJKaySlay mixtape "Blockstars 2" at a corner store, this got some dope tracks from underground rappers and even the mainstream rappers like 50 Cent actually sounded hot on here, you could listen to it here:


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I'm curious to see what some other posters in this forum liked in 2009(where ya at Brakes, AJ, Jim, etc???...)

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