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What did they became ?


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Hello !

I was wondering myself yesterday : what Ready Rock C did since DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ? What he did the last 15-20 years ?

I can't find it !

And we are talking about that, do you have anything about the other members of Will's first rap group (The Hypnotic 3), Eric Harvey (DJ GROOVE), Marc Forrest (LORD SUPREME) and Jamie (JAMIE FRESH) ?

Did they had a career ???

Thanks !

PS : about Ready Rock C, do you know anything about how him and Will are today ? How WIll see RRC, how RRC see Will ? Maybe Will did an apologize, or RRC finally forgive Will , because he was angry ?

Thanks again !

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By Roman Wolfe

A number of Philadelphia Hip-Hop legends will honored next month during the 2009 Philly Urban Music Awards.

The event will be hosted by Hip-Hop radio pioneer Lady and will bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award on Gangsta Rap pioneer, Schoolly D., who released some of the earliest and most influential records of the genre, including “P.S.K.,” “I Don‘t Like Rock & Roll,” “It’s Crack,” “We Get Ill” and others.

Other Award recipients include Ready Rock C., who served as the beat boxer for Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, graffiti artist Cornbread, “The Guitar God” Mike Tyler (bass player on early rap classics) and DJs Baby DST & Gary-O.

The event was established by Philadelphia Hip-Hop entrepreneur Docta Shock, to recognize Philadelphia’s contribution to the genre since its inception.

In addition to the awards ceremony, there will be three performances and a video presentation.

The 2009 Philly Urban Music Awards are slated to take place November 19th at the First District Plaza, from 7:00 PM-11:00 PM.


I wonder why JJ+FP is not honored!

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