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mr magic dies


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One of Hip Hop's earliest radio allies, pioneering deejay John "Mr. Magic" Rivas died, which has been confirmed by numerous sources in and around the Rap industry. In addition to being one of the culture's gatekeepers through his position at radio station at 105.9 WHBI FM, Mr. Magic is considered to be a co-founder of The Juice Crew, the legendary 1980s outfit of Marley Marl, MC Shan Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, Fly Ty Williams, Biz Markle, Craig G, TJ Swan, Masta Ace and Tragedy Khadafi.

The Mr. Magic Disco Showcase, his radio show since 1979, evolved to Mr. Magic's Rap Attack, a show on WBLS in 1983. This program was responsible for branding many of the Juice Crew members, and proved to be an instrumental platform in the feud between The Bronx and Queens, as scene by numerous records from Boogie Down Productions, MC Shan and Roxanne Shante.

Magic released numerous Rap compilations in the late 1980s and early '90s, profiling numerous rappers that he had cosigned throughout his deejaying tenure. The trio of Notorious B.I.G. ("Juicy"), Nas ("Halftime") and 2Pac ("Old School").

From 1985 through 1989, Mr. Magic released over five volumes of Mr. Magic's Rap Attack on Profile Records. These releases were compilations of popular Rap songs on independent labels. In recent years, Mr. Magic most notably hosted Wildstyle Pirate Radio on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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I was about to post about this, sad, very sad, RIP to another legend...

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I didn't follow Mr. Magic super close but have always known him as someone who put Hip-Hop on the map as the 1st BIG Hip-Hop DJ. I remember his compilations from the 80's. It was one of his compilations from 86 that got me a CD quality version of the original version of "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" years before The Very Best of JJ+FP featured it. Big loss for Hip-Hop. Respect! Rest In Peace.

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