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Will's unreleased material


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All of them are released except for one...ha ha. They aren't on standard versions of the albums tho.' They are from Import or Special Editions, CD singles, soundtracks, compilation albums, EPs, etc. I don't think anything has officially been "leaked." We've heard a handful of song titles tho' that never came out.

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Get hyped is off Im looking for the one single

Lovely Daze is off JJFP greatest hits album

Nothin on my mind is off a special addition of born to reign.

Dont fight the feeling is off a Japanese version of jjfp's greatest hits.

Got to be real is off the sharktale soundtrack.

i dont know the others sorry.

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Yeah, prior to that, it only popped up on a mixtape or 2 from 97/98. That was a real gem for a long time. I''m still not sure sure why that wasnt' officially released. Do u know how hot that remix video would have been back at that time? Reguardless of how dope it the remix is, a video with those other emcees and rappers would have done big things.

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