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New Film Starring Me


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Havent dabbled in abit of narritive filmmaking for a while so when my younger friends had an idea and i had the free time i thought what the hell i'd jump on bored.

I'm not overally proud of the production values and it is probably something on a level i would have produced waaay back in my college days but it was fun to do and we shot the whole thing in under 3 hours.

Its a comedy (with some points of laughter) Give it a watch, leave some comments on the youtube page and spread the word. I wore my JJFP.com T-shirt for a lot of it :P

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For now we are back on track, would say its worth the wait but i'm not overally trying to big this piece up, more just a return to work.

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Well the two other dudes in it used to make mini skits a while back and wanted to get doing them, so new stuff should be on the cards. I'm kinda just sitting back and playing roles for them though and being cameraman when needed, its really all their doing.

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