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hey everybody! i have been really busy with my new job, and my new album, and my new girl (working on it), and my NEXT album!..... been hectic.

but i am honored that i have been posted about, saved me some work brakes hahah. but yes, this is my new album. best to date. if you could download it, and enjoy it that would be great. rate it on datpiff as well. that would be amazing folks!

and i got to return home...not new jersey.... i mean jjfp.com!

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that made me feel so good man hahaha. ive said it before, if you like it and know somebody that you think would like it just fill them in. that would help so much, i hate to be a stickler but im trying for it seriously this time around. thats so much for the feeback and i hope to hear more! perhaps a track by track review...? if you dare!

hahah thanks!

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Mike Petrow Album Review

I first knew Mike Petrow as a random poster on JJFP.com Forum, who happened to write lyrics and have up-to-par battles skills. When he ventured on to the “music scene”, then began another person mixed into the internet pool of legit talents, ridiculous cookie cutters, and many more. Question is, “Is Mike Petrow a legit talent?” A critic is someone who reviews your work with the probability of not done it themselves or may have and have reasonable points to make that could help or tear up the reputation of who/what they review.

1. Fan Skit – Perhaps it means Mike Petrow can’t obtains fans like he wants. I can’t help but think this would be better as a “Petchvlog” advertisement for the album or something like that.

2. Rhythm In The Static (Intrumental)– A great interlude on the album. Being that music nowadays is so cluttered, and artists don’t let their tracks breathe, this is nice move to let the whole album do that for a minute. I think of the sound as “signature Petrow drums”. Personally, I couldn’t help but have rhymes float through my head. Track could’ve been someone else rapping about Mike Petrow. Petrow could’ve added his own quotations or mixed vocals into the track like he did the sample.

3. Rejecting Rejection – I will not quit. Very sound production and good use of a jazzy sample. Nice track that could be comparable to A Tribe Called Quest or Digable Planets, but the overall sound is a little more gritty.

4. Nice Guys Finish Last – One of Petrow hit tracks for the album. Petrow’s flow is easy to follow and a good track to suggest for first time listeners. It has everything you need to learn about him. The production, the ideas, and rap style. “Christ I don’t sin, enough to get in..the business”. Petrow’s idea mixes the saying that goes around as it relates to romance, and that of being a rap star. Great song.

5. Good Girls (Are Hard To Find) – Kind of similar to the previous track, but different subject matter. My only displease with the track is Mike should’ve doubled the vocals on the chorus. “Time and time again, the girls brush me off/ like the dirt on Jay’s shoulders, I must be soft/”. Really liked that line a lot.

6. Love Again – Another sample is used to perfection for Mike P’s sound. Petrow puts very good emotion into his vocals, probably because it truthful feelings from the guy. Although Petrow points out the flaws, at the same time he encourages himself and offers advice on how to deal with the negative. “Same old (4x),…break molds a-hole…/ You gotta go get it/ 110% like extra credit”. A point of how hard you must work at the likes of becoming famous in music or the like.

7. No Peace – Another gripe with the way of the world around Petrow. Vocals are filled with full thoughts and emotions. Give credit to his experiences with life and making music. “I’m not Gatorade, but I do propel/”

8. Memories – I really loved this song. A favorite and must listen. The bellowing of the female vocalist (which may be a sample) is very drawing in to the emotion that Mike continues to express throughout the album. The bass is hauntingly firm. One of my favorite lines in this song. “Mom said Everything has a time and a place/ Like every song I make, has a rhyme and a bass.” The song changes up towards the end, but stays fitting with the song’s opening intent

9. The Siren’s Cry – “I gotta stay strong, as I try to move on, and correct what’s wrong/” This song is about what’s wrong with hip hop as told by Mike Petrow. The song is almost like an anthem and a lesson.

10. Expections – When you do something such as music or movies, everyone has the expectation that you desire to be famous and rich. This song is about not worrying about others. If you go out trying to please other people, eventually you will lose. It doesn’t have to be entertainment related either. Obviously this song is more personal than anything.

11. Overdue feat. FuQ – I had the privilege of working with Mike Petrow again. Our first time was with a song “Pass The Mic” on my ‘Writer On The Block’ cd. A very quick work atmosphere as we collaborated very smoothly in completing it. The song is all about “coming of age” from pasts and being better in the future. Petrow states, “Call me Eminem or Asher Roth/ I bash em soft and then I laugh it off/ Judge me like when the gavel falls/…” A comparison he’ll never escape based on what he does. All he can do is be true to his own art and hope people respect him for it. “I’m drinking up change in a glass that’s tall” is another cleverly done line. While Mike Petrow’s verse is more symbolistic and multiple rhymes, my verse is more straightforward. With lines like, “This here is a breakout/ for my greatness to stand out, not sure what I’m about/” “Stomped on by realities to switch the dreams” The last verse is of true collaboration as we went back and forth sprouting out lines and adjusting to fit our liking. Our skills mesh well as we both come even on the final verse in idea and creativity. “Overdue” is hard hitting and honest.

12. Complex – Song allows an immediate slow down and deep breathe after a song like “Overdue”. Opening with a guitar, and another vocal sample. A softer way to be aggressive with that of the production done. “Got a Jones like Indiana, plan to get my hands on the Holy Grail/ But instead of my age, live long my days with raps that will not fail” Don’t let the title “Complex” scare you. Petrow stays creative but simple enough for you to follow. A nice listen.

13. So Far – He tells his journey, and where he intends to go. The final verse gets very symbolic as to the type of person Petrow states he is or of the likeness.

14. Almost There – A swift beat bopper and nice chorus usage.

15. Never Say Goodbye – Another internet “hit” for Petrow. A sweet melody of truth coming from him.

16. Fragile Mind feat. Daniel Zavaro – The rhymes Petrow does makes you talk a walk beside him and observe the world rapidly and spin before you abruptly stop and feel the power vocals from Daniel Zavaro.

The albums highlights are a little adventurous, good usage of drums and samples, variety of rhyme style, and lyrical content mix of realism and creativity. If you know Mike Petrow on some kind of personal level, you should enjoy it. But I’m sure he’ll settle if you know him at all. An album is a capture of your life at a particular time, and I’d say Mike Petrow did a pretty good job, especially when compared to his other captures (Organize Mess, Neutral Ground). Only bad bit I can give is that a few times Mike Petrow may delivery a line off rhythm, and not fully fit on beat only because of how he said it. My track favorites are “Nice Guys Finish Last”, “Memories”, “Complex”, “Never Say Goodbye”. Mike Petrow is a legit talent. But I’m wondering can he spread more personally and professionally? Does he want to? We shall find out in the albums to come.

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