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So this actually came out about a month ago. I've had trouble finding it in stores, but my online order finally came in a few days ago. Those that have been here for a while know that I've put k-os up there as one of my favorite musicians in the game. He's an excellent lyricist and he definitely stands out right now (but he would have stood out in hip hop's heyday too). But let me just get off his jock for a minute and talk about the album.

With his previous album, Joyful Rebellion, k-os began putting more singing into his songs. With Atlantis, his followup album, he had even less 16's and more singing. Both were great albums, very musical, but it was evident that there was less rapping than his first album, Exit.

BUT THAT'S ALL CHANGED WITH YES! He's found a perfect balance on this album if you ask me. The album is still very musical and has fantastic production, but he's rapping a lot more this time.

And now for some samples of the album:


Uptown Girl

4, 3, 2, 1 (Music Video)

Whip C.R.E.A.M.


I give you Chris' word. The album is dope! Definitely my favorite album of the year so far, it'll probably keep that spot though.


You can get the album from his website, but while you're at it, throw in an extra $3 and get the "YES! It's Yours" Remix CD bundle.


It's essentially the YES! album remixed by several different producers. A lot of the songs have a much different feel to them. They were given the vocals before hearing the final songs so the songs sound much different than those found on YES!

It's you're job to get the CD, too many of you bozos are sleeping on this guy's music.

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Thanx, i will be checking this out. The 1st single i ever heard from him i LOVED. I picked up the Alantis album and wasn't that in2 it cuz i expected more Hip-Hop instead of the sing-songy experimental stuff. I also go the "Collected" album. Just 2day i was sifting thru' Borders' Hip-Hop section was like "wow, there is almost nothing in there that i even wanna listen 2...much less buy." I saw an old K-os album and thought i should revisit him. So yeah, i'll be checking it out in the next day or so...and i love that u are saying he's rapping more this time around.

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I got the album but haven't listned 2 it much. I've gotten some other music that i've been listening 2 more. When i initially listened 2 the album, i thought it was alright but I wanted more. Don't get me wrong, i'm anxious 2 listen 2 it again. I just wish it was straight Hip-Hop.

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