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Rebirth of Rap

Big Willie

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This is a song we did a couple years ago. Written to Eminem - You Dont Know Instrumental.

The Rebirth of Rap

[CHORUS – Mac Daddy]

The Rebirth of Rap is coming on strong

Some of these new artists, they can do no wrong

But ‘Birth was right in I'm taking us back

"The majority of new age rap is wack"

But amongst all this darkness there's a glimmer of hope

Rappers preaching rhymes like they were the pope

So to all you other rappers hear this loud and clear

We're bringing it back, The Rebirth of Rap is here

[VERSE 1– Big Willie]

Complexity in density means my arrival is destiny

Got ‘em swinging on leprosy so they don’t come up and step to me

Flowing effectively make them notice me as the next emcee

Resurrecting rap lyrically bring back what you expect to see

The art form is damaged, hereditary been abandoned

The content more savage than anybody could have imagined

Arsenic artists turning and burning hip hop to ashes

Murdering the masses as commercialising rap surpasses

Take it one at a time and I’m composing my rhymes

Because the future is mine it’s just a matter of time

The rebirth or rap is answered, multiply hip hop standards

Contesting any attackers, bringing the eighties remastered

What was seen in the past will outlast what current produces

No violence, no gun scenes, no concepts being abusive

Because it’s a rhythmic attack soon as my lyrics get dispatched

Handing the MIC back to Mac for the rebirth of rap


[VERSE 2 – Both]

The imitation lyricism we call new age rap

Is affecting the rap game, that’s why were taking it back

From the depths of destruction, rebuttals causing conflicts

Animation of resurrection, hip hop amateurs we evict

Bringing back the old sound, bringing back the old vibe

Not trying to beef with nobody, just trying to have a good time

Without a gun in my hand, round my waist there’s no gat

Don't need to shoot nobody just kill a beat on track

Run morale by morale and keep a clean complexion

The game is so predictable it’s like mobile phone texting

Reforming the culture, bringing an artistry complete

No reference to drug abuse, just 2 emcees on a beat

Fuelling lyrics with intelligence, the essence and elements

Come equipped with evidence to proceed development

Rebuilding the structure, reconstructing the foundations

Witness the rebirth of rap with a hip hop demonstration


[VERSE 3 – Big Willie]

Looking in the crowd can you see an individual?

Fans fixated by sound they don’t care about the lyrical…

Content of nonsense that get taught by these criminals

Popularity over talent, should be skills over the favourable

Got me asking questions “should I stay or walk away?”

If rap is represented this way, is it a game I wanna play?

Don’t wanna be tarred the same or branded into the cliché

That’s why I’m resurrecting rap before it reaches its doomsday

[VERSE 4 – Mac Daddy]

Enough with all the wack routines, "gangsters" on our magazines

All I see is wannabes, Gat's and bullets in between

I'm just trying to live the dream, try to be a rap supreme

Talent is my cup of tea, I don't wanna be a G

I'm just trying to bring back the real hip hop

And we'll see the first of that when our mixtape drops

We showing why we ain't gotta swear and curse

We're just having a good time while we're bringing the rebirth


© Copyright 2009

Feedback appreciated!

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