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What is twitter?

Think of your status updates on facebook. On twitter you can tell everyone in 140 characters or less(about 30 words) what you are doing. You can follow other twitter users. And you get a feed of everyones "tweets". Also they can follow you and see what you are saying. Obviously following the right people is important. You can also tag posts with a # and you can follow everyones tweets about a particular topic. Its all in real time so its particularly useful if you have it on your phone (iphone, ipod touch etc) Theres all these iphone applications to use twitter. You also get the news straight away. When that plane crashed in the hudson river the story broke first on twitter. Someone was on a ferry and was going to pick up survivors and made a tweet about it.

Twitter is the fastest growing social web 2.0 technology at the moment.

Here is some good people to follow:



http://twitter.com/aplusk - ashton kutcher


http://twitter.com/qoolquest questlove, the roots





Here's an article about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/12/technolo...tter&st=cse

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