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Something I noticed about Will...


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now we're all fans to some extent, but I'm certainly not a "stan" that can't find flaws in famous people just b/c they're famous or good people, and I'm not one to think they can do no wrong. With that being said something I noticed about Will in interviews lately he talks about "the world being better b/c I was here" and wanting to be "one of the greatest people that ever lived"(something he's said in the past)...that just seems like an odd thing to keep repeating, b/c if memory serves most people in the past that have made huge positive contributions to the world (in some form or another) didn't constantly talk about it over and over in interviews, it just happened. it's certainly an admirable goal to have I just find myself wondering why he feels the need to say so in every other interview he gives. I know Will's a "talker" but it just seems kinda odd to me, it's like do it dude don't keep talking about it. Like the charity work he's doing on the SP tour, I think it's decent of him and he's not making a big deal about it(and he never does really),just do it and let it be.


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