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Allen Iverson traded to the Detroit Pistons.


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I'm quite happy bout that but not so happy, either!

I really liked Iverson at Denver, he fitted so well into this team. But Denver were really bad at defense, that was why they never could go into the second round of the playoffs. Now the Detroit Pistons are really good, they are a really good team at offense but somehow I think that Iverson just doesn't really fit into the team! I dunno why but I'm feelin' like that, maybe time will proof me wrong! At least I hope so...!

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Coming into this season many people including myself have written off the Pistons after they choked in the eastern conference finals last season but now I think they got a chance again, Iverson's that spark they need, that Joe Dumars is genious, he's as great of a GM as he was a player

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