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I made these back in 2002. I thought the might bring a smile or 2 to a few faces. For some reason the board wouldn't let me upload both so i have links 2 veiw them both bigger. The 1st was made the winter after Born To Reign came out when someone posted pix of FP wiping out after a ski trip. The 2nd was when DJ Jazzy Jeff and Floetry had a falling out and Jeff demanded they bring back the A Touch of Jazz TV and ATOJ car...parodying "Who Stole The DJ?" and "Who Stole My Car."






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Can't see the pictures on myspace cause we ain't "friends"...and you don't accept requests from "bands" haha. But the gravity picture is dope.

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Yeh times were a fair bit easier then.

I guess thats one good thing about B2R. It is the soundtrack to a good period of my life.

Not that things are bad now, far from it. Just things were all and only about good times back then.

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...the days when Sony board members died in car accidents after buying Born To Reign but before seeing MIIB and managed 2 post after the accident so their best friend can let the board know. :hm:

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