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Jada Pinkett Smith On Women Being 'Enlivened Sexual Creatures'

Magic Mike XXL is here! And Jada Pinkett Smith is discussing female sexual appetite!



More pix from Amsterdam


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Jada Pinkett Smith interview: The Magic Mike actress talks sex, the P​ope and Will's striptease



Will Smith was desperate for a cameo in Magic Mike XXl, according to wife Jada Pinkett


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Jaden kickin' it with Speech from Arrested Development.  Speech has mad respect for JJ+FP.  I hope Jaden caught a performance and was impacted.  After all, he has influence on FP's music....and AD is on that level.

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Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Had Very, Very Different Ways Of Wishing Jaden A Happy Birthday

Guess we know which parent Jaden gets his philosophical musings from.
by Madeline Roth 7/8/2015

Even Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s famous, outlandish family isn’t an exception to the universal rule: on a teenager’s birthday, it’s your parents’ duty to shower you with praise, love, and tons of embarrassment.


So when the admirably authentic Smith son, Jaden, turned 17 on Wednesday (July 8), his folks dutifully posted birthday messages for him on Facebook — but they did so with very, very different approaches.

Mama Smith randomly decided to share a three-pic collage of Jaden being hugged by Drake (?!), and accompanied it with a lengthy, loving, totally Jaden-esque message to her son.

Jada Pinkett Smith Facebook

“To my son, Today you are 17,” she wrote. “It was on this day a tremendous gift was delivered to me. A baby boy, whose existence reflected back to me all the passion, curiosity, love and beauty that only a child could collect from the deepest recesses of his mother’s secret heart and breath it into the world. You have made the beauty I could only feel within myself… absolutely tangible. You were not only born from my body… but born from my soul. You are a light of my heart and a light from my deepest wishes. I am so grateful for you…”

So, yes, now we know where Jaden gets his penchant for philosophical musings.

Papa Smith, on the other hand, opted for a more laid-back b-day wish. He shared an adorable throwback pic of toddler Jaden perched in what appears to be a birdcage, which we’re sure present-day Jaden would now turn into some elaborate, pensive metaphor about being “free to fly” or some s—t.

Will Smith Facebook

Will captioned the pic, “Jaden is 17 years old today. I’m just glad he stopped eating paste!”

Not to be outdone, Jaden’s sister Willow shared a cool illustration of her big bro on Instagram, which she simply captioned, “CameIntoThisWorld Day.”


Oh, the Smith fam — a little artsy, a little sentimental, and a pinch of relatable silliness to boot.

Anyway, those messages are great and all, but we still think Jaden’s own tweets make the best kind of b-day wishes.


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