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Compared 2 what Hip-Hop albums sold back then, it didn't really do that bad, it waz just seen as a slight commercial flop cuz of how it waz accepted compared 2 how Public Enemy and NWA waz starting 2 get noticed. This waz also when Young MC and MC Hammer started defining how big Hip-Hop songs could get.
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[quote=Hero1,Sep 9 2004, 08:16 AM]it sold 900, 000 i think..not a bad effort..[/quote]
That really isn't too bad like what AJ said. Rap still wasn't as big as it would eventually get. I just think though, they should've continued there "He's the DJ" style. "And In This Corner" maybe shoulda been released in 87.

I think though, "I think I can beat Mike Tyson" was a poor choice for the first single. "Jeff Waz On The Beatbox", "Too Damn Hype" or "Numero Uno" shoulda been first single.
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