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Check this site out (not an ad here, just spreadin the word). I've never seen so many dope hip hop t shirts in my life. There has to be about 4-5 that I will get eventually. Tim they even have a few Hieroglyphics shirts.

Too bad there isn't any JJFP though...that would have been awesome.

Definitely wanna get the Pete Rock, Dilla, JMJ, ATCQ, and Big L. Which ones do ya'll like?

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Maybe i'm looking at the wrong thing, but i don't see ANY Hip-Hop stuff on there. And i'm not a fan of the style of clothing that i did see on there.

Look at the side...you just click the link to any of the groups/emcees/producers. They have many dope shirts AJ, I know you'd like some atleast.

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Ahhh...thanx. Yeah, there some stuff there i'd love 2 get. I'm not a fan of buying cloths online...with shipping on top of already usually high prices. But we'll see. I've always wanted 2 find a shop like this tho.'

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Lot of dope stuff there, I'm gonna be definately getting some of this gear

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