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One More, Then No More


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One more, then no more from me. I have decided that I will try to put together one more of my albums, and then I'm personally done rapping. Things have taken a turn. I'm not quite the same, and neither is what's going on around me. I wanted to keep getting better in how I made my albums and what I did with them. That situation stalled out.

Let me explain what seemed to be my process. "From The Penn". - That came out at the end of my senior year in high school. Our/My last days captured what was within and around Wash High while I was there. "Writer On The Block" -That was done in my last days (a few months after actually) at Penn Commercial. What's weird about these 2 cds is that they were done while I still had an easy accessible audience. Now I've done cds without that scenario, but that's kind of, I don't know. Now that I don't really have a "phsycial" audience anymore, making music isn't as easy. Then I get consumed by other things that I want to accomplish. I have it in my head that, I'll make this, and if people happen to hear it, ok. If not, that's cool too. But I'll have it available just in case.

So I was originally going to call my album "21...Ways To Flow". (a play on Shanice's '21...Ways To Grow - nice album btw). It was going to be all my ideas, lines, songs, etc. that I did when I was 21. That was slow, and I mostly had lines, beats, sample ideas, and song titles. There wasn't enough, considering what I wanted to do. I didn't want song title ideas when I was 21, and lyrics written when I was 22, which I am now. So the only 2 songs to make this "coming of age" album were the title track, and "My Lady". So I was thinking about what could I call my next album. Something I always would freestyle was, "the F is for Fresh, the U for Understanding/ and Q is for Quality, it's what they demanding. So that's my album title. F.U.Q. (Fresh, Understanding, Quality). I've always been known for my flow, so that could be an F alternative. I don't know when I'll have this album done. I really don't know. I'm thinking of maybe a double disc, because I want to do a "Featuring FuQ" too, so maybe that can be disc 2 of this album. Because there are some songs I have added verses to or would like to. Think when I rapped to "Because of You" w/ NeYo. There are some songs I did in the past that most people haven't heard and some ones I haven't done and meant to for the longest time. Maybe do one big collab with all artists I personally know on one track. Basically, since this is my last rap album, I want to make it count.

I'm not discontiuing myself music entirely, just not making it anymore. Well, I'm not rapping anymore. I still got music ideas I want to. But that's another blog.

F.U.Q. will be a no fear album. Like, should I really rap to this beat? Should I really say this like that? More than likely, it will be beats already heard or put together by artists. But that's ok, because I'm just having fun with it, and not making money off it.

I'll probably put together a "Greatest Hits" (if it's ok to call it that). Songs that have "underground hit" in them (sort of) Like I feel they are so good to me for what they were, and what I said or did on it. Maybe that could be disc 3. I'll figure all this out eventually.

FuQ [september 15, 2001 - ???]

(the date I started rapping, and the date I ended)


Separate from my blog....

One day, I decided to get links to all my songs I ever posted on this forum and save you guys comments/critques. I TRULY Appreciate any bit of time every single one of you ever gave me to listen to my songs and tell me if they're good or not, and what I could try to do to make them better. Every lyric you ever read. Simply I say thank you. Thanks for being so cool. I haven't been at this forum much anymore, but i don't need to tell you that. What I do in a day now, has changed.

If I ever did anything to make somebody mad or anything of the sort, I'm sorry. I know for a fact I owe bigted. BIGTED (so you see it) an apology. I'm guessing we don't talk anymore because I didn't use your skit that we did. I didn't want to ask you to redo it cuz I guess I didn't want to slight you like that. When I think back to what I did with everybody else's, which was much later on, I should've had you do it with no background and used what parts worked (which probably would've been most of it). Only 9 people intially got the cd when I finished it. I don't sell in big numbers. Just whoever wants one. I wish my idea for you to record songs would've went better, because as you know, so many people on this forum respect you and would like to hear bigted on the mic at least once. I even thought that if I ever visit my niece & nephew in NJ, I would find a way to visit you and hook up. But that's not to be. (things of which are some my fault, and some with what goes on around me). Not only you, but Mike Petrow in NJ as well.

Mike Petrow (this is personally to you, but others may read). When I saw you rap live, I instantly thought, 'It'd be so cool if we could rap live together. I can just imagine the energy and how dope it would be to share a stage and spotlight with someone else who is into to hip hop like me. We'd be the "White Star" per se (even though i'm not all white)to the Black Star (Kweli & Mos Def). The Dynamic. Sometimes, I think you're so good, that I'm jealous. "Organized Mess" is your underground classic. It's your Eminem "Infinite". It's your Nas "Pre-Illmatic". I call it a classic because of the personal you put into that cd when I listened to it. Where was this Mike Petrow when we did "Pass The Mic"? I let one of my friends hear it, and they said "I'll take your music over his(mine) anyday." i told him, you're just not as open-minded as I am. Of course, you're going to get better. But what a way to capture you're current peaking skill level before you do.

This is not my tell-all last post, but I felt the need to say whatever now.

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I'd like to see you rappin more..but i respect your decision...cant wait for that F.U.Q., i always admired your flow, definately someone talented...nobody cant deny that, so what ive got to say is just good luck with whatever you wanna do, im sure you gonna achieve anything you want, in the very deep im sure we gonna hear sumthin more from FuQ after this, we'll see, time will tell...

btw...I'd like you to rap over one of my beats...take it as a last wish from me, lol

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Yo FuQ, one more, than one more, than one more! Thats all we demand from you! haha But seriously good luck with whatever you want to do and focus on next. I know you will definitely be successful. I agree with Luigie, you will pull a Jordan/Gretzky/Favre/Will Smith and put out another album within the next 4 years. haha Its difficult to stop workin on music when you are an artist for so long but at the same time its hard to make music when you don't have a set physical audience. Whatever you decided to do you know that you got our support here bro.

F.U.Q. sounds like a dope concept, honestly I think it will be like Jordan winning the NBA Title and retiring. Cause you just are reaching your prime IMO. But keep doing you above all, especially if you feel you need to move on to the next stage in your life. Let me know if you might need a beat or 2.

Peace & Respect!

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that was touching... not the me part.. (which was awesome and touching too) but the whole thing. i have had doubts about myself rapping in the past, and i can relate to this in a sense. stick with your heart, it makes you happy. you sound like your life has changhed dramatically from the way you phrased it and if it isnt very personal i would like to know whats going on. but you said this isnt your last post so i would image you have some time to share.


bring down the house with this last one!

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Hey fuq I understand how it is man, no hard feelings at all, you know that I got your back in whatever you decide to do, if you want to talk about something to me don't be afraid to pm or email and I'll answer you back

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I dont really get it. How can you decide on just stop rapping like that? I mean, what stops you, for example, from writing lyrics here and there just as an expression of yourself? You cant just stop beeing a real (in the sense of rapping being a part of you) mc. I allways considered you one. But anway, I still respect your decision, you just leave me a lil confused here. Good luck with anything you plan to do now tho.

By the way, maybe this is a good moment to say thank you to you. Not just to you, also to Brakes, Ted, Mike, and the other rappers on here. I came here as a young boy and I been through allot of changes since then. One thing that sticked with me and helped do define me as a person since then was my love for hip hop. You guys had a big part in that, caus by watching ya'll I kinda found my way of expressing myself. Ya'll encouraged me to write rhymes.

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Luigie - When I get things organized, I'll definitely see about going over one of your beats at least once in my life. I've peeped them before, and they got some kinda awesome.

Quality - I honestly don't think I'll churn out anymore after this. And it would be criminal to not rap to another Quality beat.

Da Brakes - Nah, no bugs. Only thing that will bug me, is will hip hop ever change for the better?

Mike - Yeah, we could talk on a more personal note if need be. I got AIM back on my computer, and DSL (so no more slow collabing)

Turntable - Trust me, I didn't just decide. I've been weighing it for quite some time. I just don't write like I used to. If I never write again, it'll be ok with me. I won't be totally turn off hip hop, I just won't do it anymore in that sense. I can't be turned off hip hop, cuz I still always smile and laugh or get excited when a hear somebody drop a line that is just so creativity, you doubt anybody else could ever say it like they did. I know I've got them. Most true lyricists have them. That's why you could never be signed and hold yourself as high as Lil Wayne because you came up with something he didn't and probably wouldn't have said as well if he did.

The fact that I've got in my head, this is gonna be the last "album" I as FuQ put together, you have no idea the sense of pride I feel from here on out of every single lyric and idea I put to a page. That's why my idea snowballed within my blog of one last album, then make it a double disc, then make it a triple disc. I've got a lot of work & fun ahead of me.

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