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something i found on youtube

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I love when I see/hear/read this stuff. Its so interesting to see how influential Will and Jeff are. I wish more of this type of stuff got published because there would be more musical attention for FP. I dont think he helped create a monster, but rather shedding some light. So some of the biggest rappers in the game such as Eminem and 50 (both students of Dre) I might add have had musical experiences with FP when they first started.

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i have no idea who's that but he says he heared FP and 50 talk. is name is eric robertson

if some1 knows who's that i'd love to hear... maybe he's a nobody.


This is Erro...the guy who sang lead on Jazzy Jeff joints like "Rock Wit U." K-Ci sounds like he waz trying 2 damage his vocals instead of actually warm up. Alcohol and physical pain are the worst thing u can do 2 your voice. Maybe he has a very smooth voice and has 2 maintain his raspyness by ruining his voice...ha ha. It sound like 50 Cent might have been on the right track back in the day. 2 bad his an idiot who has no idea that u can actually write some songs that have a story or subject matter. If 50 Cent is trying 2 be the next Will Smith...he's got a loooooooooong way 2 go. And by the way he acts and carries himself, he'll never even get semi-close....but we all knew that. His most recent album flopping is a big sign of that.

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Not really when u are on the same label. Artists are in the same studio alot and when security isn't tight, i'm sure the up-and-comers roam and wonder trying 2 take in the whole experience and 2 "bump into" successful people and 2 do networking.

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