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LL Cool J - The Return of the G.O.A.T

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Hey guys this is the new mixtape from LL, i gotta say when i first heard it i was impressed!! much more of a return to the 2000 LL

I also listened all the way through without skipping so things are lookin promising for Exit 13!!

Oh and i wasn't sure if i could post it up or not, so let me know if anybody needs a hookup (or if i can post it)


01. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Intro							  

	 02. LL Cool J - Hi Haterz										

	 03. LL Cool J - Who Want It With The G.O.A.T.					

	 04. LL Cool J - Zodiac Drilla									

	 05. LL Cool J - 5 Boroughs									   

		  (feat. Jim Jones, Method Man, KRS-One, & Uncle Murda)

	 06. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Sheek Louch)					

	 07. LL Cool J - Laptop Gangstaz								   	 

	 08. LL Cool J - You Live & You Learn (feat. Papoose)			

	 09. LL Cool J - I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo)							

	 10. LL Cool J - New York Gangstaz								

	 11. LL Cool J - Sidewalk Executives							  

	 12. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Grafh)						  

	 13. LL Cool J - The Truth (Throwback)							

	 14. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Nicolette)					  

	 15. LL Cool J - Clap N Revolve								   

	 16. LL Cool J - Paper (feat. Jiz & Lyrikal)					  

	 17. LL Cool J - Rock Da Pole									 

	 18. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Outro

Let me me know what you think...........

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Can you give me the Libk? I would appreciate it.

I hope the Album is gonna be retunr to that time too, caus it seems like all the good tracks that I heard are on the Tape now,lol. I dont want another Todd Smith right now.

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This is sick. Punchline after Punchline. LL is a monster. Havent heard him like this for a long time. He still knows how to end careers in one take. I hope the album is gonna be like that, it gotta be, he gotta show people whats up.

YouTube - Hi Again Haters-LL Cool J (NEW)

"Hi Haterz"

YouTube - LL Cool J - Who Want It With The G.O.A.T.

Who Want It With The G.O.A.T.

YouTube - LLCoolJ(Ft.Jim Jones,MethodMan,KRS-1&Uncle Murda)-5 Boroughs

The 5 Bouroughs Is Back Feat. Uncle Murda, Method Mahn, KRS-One, Jim Jones

YouTube - LL Cool J - Laptop Gangstaz

Laptop Gangtaz

YouTube - LL Cool J - New York Gangstas

New York Gangstaz

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I was just listening to the tracks that Turntable posted :signthankspin: I have to say I'm definately hyped for this album now! :wickedwisdom:

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I'm bumping this up now 'cause I just listened to the whole mixtape and I gotta say this is some of the best stuff that I've heard in quite a while, LL's really giving it to all the haters and sucka mcs :fencing: , this is that real hip hop :yeahthat:

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