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"Hero" by Nas


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Although the beginning feels too crowded, the instrumental through-and-through is hot!!!

The hook seems too much, but the verses are tight.

First set of verses are real on point....

I'm listening to the second set....Polow da Don changes up the beat.

Cool synths...heavy drums (808's?)

^ Definitely a radio song...Not a bad one, but obviously that drops some of the intellect/complexity of the song...

Overall Grade: A-

---As much as the hook feels overdone, he comes smart on the first set of verses...changes up some of the rhythm in flow on the second set....and I think he got a good mix of popular and smart...so it will get some commercial success without detracting from the message.

Peep it!!! :wickedwisdom:

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i like that sound... i dont know what to called it but it sounds like it would be in a cave or something... that really sells the beat for me.

but i like this song alot

increased echo, delayed reverb?

It's prob just an ambience setting to give a resonating sound.

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here is a review from about.rap.com from this song:

Nas - "Hero" (Feat. Keri Hilson) (The Jones Experience/Def Jam)

By all musical standards, the hard-brawling, hard-hitting MC we've come to know as Nas should've expired years ago. Nonetheless, he's still churning records at a decent rate, causing purists to cheer and critics to take a second look. No matter what side of the fence you fall on, "Hero" gives us all a reason to care again.


* Breathless flow, complex rhyme schemes

* Nas is still in top form after 16 years


* Nas sounds muted while tackling a bold topic


* "Hero" is the lead cut from Nas' untitled album

* The song was produced by Polow Da Don

* It touches on the controversy surrounding his previous album title

Guide Review - Nas - "Hero" (Feat. Keri Hilson) (The Jones Experience/Def Jam)

"Hero," which features Keri Hilson, is the lead single from Nas' untitled 9th album, and it pretty much sums up not just the story behind the album's title controversy, but Nas' current status in hip-hop. It's the perfect soundtrack to the movie SuperNas, in which lead character Nasir Jones takes extreme measures in a bid to reinject some bite into hip-hop.

For all his brave posturing, though, Nas sounds rather muted on "Hero." His explanation borders on apologetic: "Still in musical prison, in jail for the flow," he rhymes, after insisting that the title change had nothing to do with pressure from his label bosses ("For the record, L.A. [Reid] and Doug Morris is riding with it"). Ironically, Doug Morris' name was actually censored on the album version of "Hero." Go figure.

"Hero" is not Nas' best single ever. Truthfully, he's capable of so much more. But, give Esco credit for rocking his Sunday best flow over Polow Da Don's catchy beat. How can you not cheer for hip-hop's favorite "Hero"?

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