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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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De La Soul & Public Enemy LIVE

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So Much fun, man i have a sore throat from all the screaming they made us do, lol.

Will get some photos up tommorow after i have seen Public Enemy tonight. Awesome week

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Yeh man, this is a proper Old School time for me. Great to see groups like this still performing.

Here is a few pics from the De La Show. We got pretty dam close to the front which was cool.

They knocked out a good collection of hits and medleys of others. Maseo has great skills at hyping a crowd. I messaged Pos on the De La myspace to say what a great show it was and he replied saying "glad you enjoyed it as much as we did" You could tell they still loved what they are doing after all these years.


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As for PE. Well how the hell a couple of dudes in their mid to late 40s have the energy to pull off a 2 hour show i dont know, Much respect to Chuck D. Still word for word spitting his tunes perfectly.

It is the 20th anniversary of It Takes A Nation... So they performed the whole album straight through. With a bit of banter between songs. Chuck D is a legend simple as.

For the 20 minute encore they performed other hits in a medley, He Got Game, Fight The Power, 911 is a joke, Public Enemy No.1, Shut 'Em Down. Was so energectic filled. Wasn't as close as the night before but it didnt matter cos the crowd was rocking all over. Flava even had the energy to stage dive and crowd surf at one point.


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thats like a dream to see one of your fav artists perform a full album.. cause they never do the good album tracks..what if jjfp did code red live or de la did stakes is high..great idea!

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Yeh Chuck even said until this tour they had never even played some of these songs live ever. The Bomb Squad were there too to talk about producing the album. Was really a one of a kind show.

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