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Da Ntro

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Who agrees with me that this is one of his best flowing tracks? The melody, beats,,,its just pure relaxation....

I havent heard a lot of his stuff yet, i got his Magnificent album, and heard some from the Return of the magnificent, i should be gettin that tomorrow, this is one amazing DJ...

My fav at the moment/ever

Do you like this song? If so, which others do you recommend..


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While the beat is ill, he just re flipped the same sample that A Tribe Called Quest's song, "Butter".

Da Ntro is definitely dope though.

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I was just thinking the other day about how i hadn't listened 2 The Magnificent in awhile. Da Ntro, For Da Love of Da Game, Musik Lounge, Rock Wit U, How I Do, My Peoples, etc....so many great songs. The Return of The Magnificent is an amazing album, but The Magnificent definitely has it's own charm that cannot be recreated.

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haha, lovin' it.. this even was my graduation-song!

how was an underground hip-hop song your graduation song? lol

we could choose our own 30-sec-snippet which was played when we went onto the stage to get our certificate.. and, well.. this was (and still is) one of my favourite songs! I don't regret it.. at least once in their lives.. for these glorious 30 seconds.. people were forced to listen to some true hip-hop :lolsign:

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