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Hehe, well we can still race. You'll just realise when im half a lap ahead of you and then my car stops dead still and doesnt move what has happened :P

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Yeah can do. im seriously addicted to this thing now, ive discovered i can race random people from around the world, its so good. :wickedwisdom:

Im on kinda awkward shifts this week, im off 2moro but im working 1pm until 8.30ish every day in the week.

The art of games consoles online, amazing isnt it :lolsign:

I've added you Julie, if you havent added me already, you'll need to so we can play each other.

I think we'll all be able to play each other and still play against other people in the world as well. I think you can join a game a friend is in, or create a room that only friends can be a part of. I'm down for whatever so its up to everyone else.

I'll probably be playing tomorrow, as Newcastle are playing on tele, anytime before 1pm and after 4pm is ok for me.

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