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just finished a podcast, and tim mentioned how the early reviews of hancock say its going to be like i am legend, a gd start but a crapy ending,

however sony are promoting the film as a funny film, and with funny superhero films coming out, liek superhero movie, how wil it fair up wen only the first half is funny...

oh well, will smiths films are always gd and he always pulls a gd one out the hat . lets just hope hes not too old to do bad boys 3. !!!!! fingers crossed,

just my opinion, what you think???

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I don't know...we knew the movie wasn't exactly a funny movie so I'm not surprised if only half of the movie is funny. I think they're selling the movie like a funny one 'coz most people want to see a funny movie in summer. People must think: "superhero movie + Will Smith = it has to be a comedy like MIB or somethin" and some will be dissapointed after watching it because it won't be what they expected(like with IAL) but it will do well 'coz Will will promote the movie as always etc..

and I want to see Bad Boys 3 too!!!!!!!!

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Hey James you posted, welcome!

I have to admit im a little worried about this one, i think i'll enjoy it, but i have a feeling it will be like wild wild west were a lot of people see it but dont enjoy it. If u have people that just want to enjoy a movie and not have to think, they're not going to like this movie.

i just hope they have another trailer that is more accurate to the film.

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