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Wills Best Album

Which album is the best by Will?  

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  1. 1. Which album is the best by Will?

    • Big Willie Style
    • Willennium
    • Born To Reign
    • Other one...

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[quote=Cyrano,Aug 30 2004, 01:17 AM]Left Eye annoying¿¡?¡?¿....I think "Big Willie Style" is one of the best tracks on Will´s records.
Left Eye was great.The best female rapper in my opinion.I love TLC and I loved Left Eye...[/quote]
I dont think he was talking bout left eye
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I love them both to bits (BWS & Willenium) but i went for Willenium cos its sucha great mix of different styles on that one.

Where are all the BWS fans now?

Probably grown up. Reviewers always say Will Smith ages but his fans stay the same age, (Not us of course) but i guess they mean his raps are aimed at the young(Not in my opinion they are not) and that fans grow out of him. And the whole Sony thing of saying he doesn't appeal to kids anymore equals that he has crap record sales nowadays.

Its harsh but maybe the truth.

I just don't see how the 9 millioin or wateva people who bought BWS don't bother anymore, cos yeh the singles were partay tunes and maybe appealing to kids mostly but the album was still strong and deep, and as you get older you still appreciate them as good songs.

Lets hope this new album is a wake up call for these older people who bought BWS.
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The thing is RAP is for KIDS...kids meaning teens to up to 30s or so...the young adults audience and Will said it himself.

BWS is not aimed for 12 year olds, its aimed for the same audience of teenagers and stuff. All of JJFPs albums are..you got Kidz Bop albums for little kids.

That person who said "will smith dont appeal to kids anymore" should seriously be shot. Edited by DevilsJim89
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